The Product and The Plan
To Help Your Customers Replace Lender-Placed Insurance

What Is HomeownerSelect

If you are a mortgage lender or servicer, this is how you can help your qualified customers replace lender-placed coverage with insurance that covers more but costs less.

The circumstance that caused your customers to receive lender-placed coverage is important, but perhaps equally so is telling them that there is a better and more affordable choice — standard homeowners insurance that they can select with your help — faster and easier than you may think.

This is HomeownerSelect™ — the product and the plan to help certain customers replace lender-placed insurance.

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Why HomeownerSelect

HomeownerSelect™ for qualified LPI customers is our guaranteed-issue homeowners insurance policy to help your customers replace limited and more expensive lender-placed coverage.

Here are the Top 10 Facts why HomeownerSelect™ will put you and your customers in a better place:

  • Responds to mortgage industry's need to reduce the lender-placed insurance customer population
  • Offers a quick, easy, and convenient way for customers to accept a HomeownerSelect™ policy
  • Provides meaningful cost savings vs. lender-placed insurance
  • Compliant with state insurance regulations
  • One- to four-family owner-occupied dwellings are instantly eligible
  • Complies with UDAAP (Unfair, Deceptive and Abusive Acts and Practices) standards
  • Covers the dwelling, personal property, loss of use and personal liability of your customer
  • Provides greater access to fully underwritten homeowners insurance
  • Insures up to $5 million per property location
  • Serves customers through a dedicated Call Center and a nationwide network of licensed insurance agents

HomeownerSelect™ looks, feels, and protects like a standard homeowners policy because it is. With the same coverages found in typical homeowners insurance and prices lower than lender-placed, wouldn’t your customers want to know and find out if they qualify? HomeownerSelect™ … help your qualified customers obtain their own homeowners policy.

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FloodSelect™ protects properties in designated Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs). With coverages and insurance amounts based on the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), your customers receive the convenience, expanded coverage, and lower cost benefits than they currently have with their lender-placed flood policy.

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