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What Is LPI

By its very nature, Lender Placed Insurance (LPI) is blind to any outside influence and serves its sole purpose as protection of last resort. The only trigger to LPI is whether insurance information on a particular loan is current and compliant. Nothing else matters – not the location, age, claim, history, or other characteristics of the property.

Highland’s LPI programs are technology-driven solutions for mortgage lenders and servicers like you to ensure continuous protection of loan collateral. Because no matter how diligently you remind your customers about maintaining insurance, lapses or deficiencies in coverage still happen.

With Highland, you will never wait for your “protection of last resort”. Whether hazard, flood or wind – you can place coverage on demand, online, 24/7 using our proprietary and secure web-based program. There is no upfront cost or software to install – you simply log in to place, update or cancel coverage – anytime.

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Why Highland LPI

Top 10 Benefits with Highland LPI

  • 24/7 web-based program for your ease and convenience
  • More than 50 years of insurance industry experience certifies stability and staying power
  • Immediate coverage when you need it – no waiting period
  • Expert answers to your compliance questions are just a phone call or an email away
  • Guaranteed protection by “A” rated insurers
  • Assigned lender services representatives means undivided attention to your concerns
  • Covers most residential and commercial property types
  • Integrated claim processing service for speedy response and settlement
  • Multiple insurance limits and deductible options to match your requirements
  • Ready access to specialty insurance markets confirms the ability to find coverage for your unique or hard-to-place risks

Highland’s Lender Placed Hazard program guarantees that your interest in loan collateral is always protected from multiple perils – regardless of location, season, or imminent threat. Through our secure web-based application, you can place hazard coverage for properties anywhere in the 50 states, when you need it, and for the amount you require, up to the maximum limit available. No hassles, no waiting, no worries.

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Remove uncertainty and protect your loan collateral from the #1 natural disaster in the United States every year. Whether or not it’s flood or hurricane season, your Highland LP Flood program is available to you whenever you need it, at the same maximum limits offered by the federal flood program. Place, update, or cancel flood coverage 24/7 online through our secure web-based application – and put your flood worries to rest.

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LP Hazard

LP Flood

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