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Hazard Insurance

In 2014, U.S. Fire Departments responded to an estimated 1,298,000 fires. There was a fire every 25 seconds and a structure fire every 65 seconds. If you find that you have an uninsured mortgage collateral and your customer is unable to buy hazard insurance, what could you do in the next 65 seconds? How quickly can you place coverage? Download our Lender Placed Hazard Insurance brochure or call us today.

Wind Insurance

Due to the elevated catastrophe potential, it is possible that your customers with homes in coastal high risk or wind-prone areas will not have coverage for wind damage in their hazard policies. What could you do if you find out and your customers are unable to buy separate wind insurance? Download our Lender Placed Wind Insurance brochure or call us today.

Flood Insurance

In the past five years, flooding occurred in all 50 states. That’s why the US Geological Survey calls floods the National Hazard – the most chronic and costly natural disaster each year. FEMA says that every property is in a flood zone and those in high-risk areas are more likely to be damaged by flood than by fire. If you require flood insurance but your customer couldn’t provide it, do you have a way to place flood coverage quickly – before the next flood? Download our Lender Placed Flood Insurance brochure or call us today.

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